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Build boost RegEx

I am using the boost library in the persistO ORM with the new C++ features. Everything was working good until I decided to use the ‘RegEx” library to search & replace text in a string. My assumption was that it will just work by adding the library link, like all other boost features were working but it didn’t. I searched the internet and found out that I will need to build the library with my compiler. I couldn’t find any good link to do it easily, except the link which gave a clue to right direction.

I needed the following steps from this article to get it fixed:

  1. Ran “Visual Studio Command Prompt” from tools folder in my VS installation as admin
  2. cd’ed to boost root
  3. Run bootstrap.bat from command line

It took 15-20 minutes for the compiler to compile the whole thing and at the end it generated the library files in:

<boost root>\stage\lib

The next change I required was to change the following libs name:

libboost_regex-vc-mt-1_49          ->   libboost_regex-vc110-mt-1_49
libboost_regex-vc-mt-gd-1_49     ->     libboost_regex-vc110-mt-gd-1_49

Then add the “\stage\lib” path to the project library path.